The following visual indicates the session plan of a typical coaching engagement for 10 sessions. Each session is about 60 to 90 minutes duration. The actual number of sessions varies based on the client needs and requirements. A minimum gap of 3-weeks is recommended between subsequent coaching sessions.

Key take aways for clients after 8-10 coaching sessions.

  • Clarity of your values and beliefs : how they impact your life?
  • Self-Discovery to know your strengths, areas of interest and latent talents
  • Anchoring techniques to sustain resourceful states of mind for peak performance
  • Learn to enjoy what you do and do your best!
  • Learn the process of behavioral change and create generative effects
  • Establish congruence in thougths, words and actions
  • Go through self-discovery, probe your life purpose and unlease the power of purpose
  • Create your life vision and develop your own ‘Wheel of Life’ – your life’s blueprint
  • Create your business vision and develop your own ‘The Wheel of Business’
  • Become aware of the power of giving and develp a plan for adding value to others
  • Lead a life of purpose, fulfillment, joy and peace through daily deliberate actions