“ You are the same today as you will be five years from now except for two things…the people you meet and the books you read ”
                                                                            - Charlie Tremendous Jones

My first exposure to the world of personal development and self-help was through an article on the internet written by Zig Ziglar. I read that article in the year 2002 and I was inspired by Zig’s wisdom and his thoughts on success principles. I started mining for more hope, belief and personal power through self-help books, speeches, on-line videos and e-newsletters. I dedicate this page to all those souls, thinkers, speakers and authors whose thoughts have become part of my philosophy, teaching and consciousness. It’s an honor for me to showcase these people on my personal website. I express my heartfelt gratitude to these people by providing their website links on this page for you to connect with them and know about their teachings and programs.

When it comes to cleansing our consciousness and breathing belief into our soul, we don’t know what can make an impact. We will only know the benefits in hindsight when we look back at our life and start connecting the dots…

“ Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure ”

- Marianne Williamson

“ I am NOT a product of my circumstances. I AM a product of my decisions ”

- Stephen Covey

“ You are a soul carrying a corpse ”

- Epictetus

“ What is to give light must endure burning ”

- Viktor Frankl

“ If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished? ”

- Rumi

“ Discover your strengths, use them often, and give them to something bigger than yourself ”

- Martin Seligman

“ Our wrong beliefs are merely the confusion of correlation and causality ”

- Marshall Goldsmith

“ Success doesn't happen in a day, it happens daily ”

- John Maxwell